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Katherine Ahluwalia

Katherine Ahluwalia is a highly experienced, professionally qualified Independent Trainer and Consultant specializing in Domestic Abuse, Trauma Informed Approach and Well-being.

As well as having years of experience as a Trainer, Katherine has been practicing as an NLP Practitioner, Bereavement Counsellor, EMDR Therapist and a Birth, Postnatal and Early Parenting Specialist.

The scope of Katherine’s twenty years of experience in training is extensive and she has delivered to Corporate, Health, Social Care, Police, Education, Local Authorities and the Voluntary Sectors in the subjects of Domestic Abuse, Trauma Informed Practice and Well-being.

Katherine is the founder of Being Matters Training and Consultancy where she shares her knowledge and skills via her Training, Consultancy, Well-being Practitioner, Advocacy and Public Speaking Services. She started her training career in antenatal education and then expanded her training portfolio into parenting skills, bereavement counselling, confidence and self-esteem building and well-being. She then progressed onto other subject matters that has dealt with as a front-line professional including domestic abuse and trauma informed practice.

She uses all of these skills alongside her NLP Practitioner, EMDR Therapist and Bereavement Counselling practice to empower individuals on their journey of recovery from trauma.

Katherine has always been passionate and committed to raising awareness of these vitally important issues and is an avid proponent of lifelong learning for everyone.

“Katherine has supported me personally in so many ways since I started my trauma recovery from domestic abuse. She was the first professional that I disclosed my domestic abuse to, carrying out a risk assessment and booking all the practical appointments I needed (eg; housing, legal etc).

Later in my journey, she was the facilitator for my ‘Freedom Programme’ and led one of my ‘Self Esteem’ course sessions too. For both of these, she was attentive to everyone’s requirements throughout and sensitive to my needs when I was struggling mentally with some of the subject matter. Throughout Katherine’s involvement with the research and scriptwriting of ‘Polstead’, Katherine was there ‘holding our hands’ all the way, giving us the strength to have our voices heard. Katherine has always made herself available whenever I have needed to talk to her.

Her creation of the ‘Domestic AbuseAmbassadors’, of which I am one, brought us full circle in our healing process, valuing both our input and wellbeing. She has made sure that we have been open to opportunities for training (eg; ‘Domestic Abuse And Women With Learning Disabilities’, ‘Trauma Informed Practice’), in which she has led the sessions. For each she has provided a wealth of resources, both during and after. She remains ever approachable; being an experienced source of useful information and expertise as a result of her years of professional work and encounters re domestic abuse and trauma.”

– Naz

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